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While many of our customers delight in spending a weekend diligently tweaking, overhauling or repairing their bicycles, many riders do not have the time, the tools or the inclination to do it themselves.

If this sounds like you, why not pop your bike into the shop for a free safety check so we can discuss your service requirements.

To simplify your choices, we have created a Service Menu to help you select the most appropriate type of overhaul. If you have a requirement that is not covered in the Service Menu then please call us for advice.

Free safety check-over and estimate:
before carrying out any repair.

Any bike:
We will repair any type of cycle regardless of where you bought it.

Handbuilt wheels:
Any hub & rim combination, and any spoke pattern. If it can be built we will build it.

Fast Repairs:
If you book the repair in advance, and bring the bike into the shop before 12.00 noon, we can usually have the job completed that same evening. 

If you just need some advice on how to make your bike work safer and better, just pop in and discuss your requirements. Advice is free. Labour is charged at £35 per hour.

Basic Service – £35 Excluding Parts
The Basic Service is the mechanical equivalent of a doctor’s medical.

If you don’t use your bike a great deal, the Basic Service is all you might require, so you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gears change smoothly, and that your brakes work fine.

The mechanic will not undertake any investigative work at the Basic Service. He will however, highlight any obvious problems that would fall outwith the scope of the Basic Service when he checks the bike over with you.

We will also advise you if any parts need replaced. Naturally, the price of any new parts fitted will be added on to the price of the Basic Service. The service includes:

  • Full bike safety check including tightening bolts and nuts
  • Gear setup to include assessment of cables and tension
  • Brake setup to include assessment of cable and tension
  • Tyres inflated + checked
  • Advice on future work required
  • 10% off all maintenance products (not including items in the sale or already on offer)
  • Parts not included
  • Includes cost of workshop consumables

Standard Service – £50 Excluding Parts
The Standard Service is the mechanical equivalent to a two week visit to a health farm.

For the average user, we recommend this comprehensive service where we check over the whole bicycle.

The Standard Service comes with a six month warranty on the work carried out, and a one year warranty on new parts fitted.

Again, any new parts required will be highlighted by the mechanic when the bicycle is received, but are not included in the price.

As Basic Service, plus:

  • Check and externally adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
  • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).
  •  Lubricate cables (replace if required).
  • Lubricate chain and derailleurs.
  • Check/tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Test ride.
  • 10% off all maintenance products (not including items in the sale or already on offer)
  • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out.

Deluxe Service – £115 Excluding Parts
To make this service truly deluxe, we strip your bike down to the bare frame.

Every part is carefully checked over before it is refitted. Serviceable bearings are regreased. New cables, bearings and brake pads are fitted if required. The drivetrain is thoroughly cleaned.

If you ride every day, or you’re contemplating a big ride, or you want your bike to work better than new, we recommend you treat your bike to a Deluxe Service.

As Standard Service, plus

  • Complete strip down and rebuild including headset, bottom bracket and hubs (excludes hydraulic brakes, suspension forks & shocks).
  • All threads cleaned and chased.
  • Wheels trued & tensioned.
  • 10% off all maintenance products (not including items in the sale or already on offer)

Prices current as of August 2017
Parts not included in quoted prices

Please note: prices quoted on this page cover labour charges. An additional charge will be made for any parts fitted at the service, such as brake blocks, cables and bearings, unless otherwise stated.

Custom Builds – To book call: 01594 844291

Dreaming of a custom bike, built with your choice of frame and components?

Buy the frame and parts from us and we will spend a whole day building the machine from scratch, lavishing the same care on your pride and joy as we would on one of our own. When we tote up the final bill we will knock 20% off the price of every component fitted to the frame and fork.

To find out more about our Custom Build service, telephone 01594 844291 or e-mail

Labour cost £85
(20% off every component)