Marcus & Jules Carrozzo

Marcus and Jules founded Severn Valley Cycles back in 2010. As a gas engineer Marcus had become disillusioned with corporate driven management and unrealistic targets. Cycling is a passion which he has long had an affinity for so taking the step into the industry was as natural as breathing.

While plying his trade on the spanners, Jules put her admin skills to use making sure paperwork, bills and the HMRC were all pacified.

Together they laid the foundations for what we have become today. 

Peter & Alison Amos

Peter and Alison have joined Marcus and Jules as partners in Severn Valley Cycles.

Peter is a retired Royal Marine and has spent most of his married life in support of his wife, Alison who has just retired from the RAF. They share a common interest in sport, with cycling being Alison’s main interest.

Taking the opportunity presented by retirement, Alison who was a GP has trained as a bicycle mechanic and is also a qualified bike fitter.

Peter brings his wealth of business experience to the role and is keeping us all in line!

Both Peter and Alison are delighted to have the opportunity to be partners in this business and are looking forward to bringing their passion for cycling to Severn valley Cycles.